Images of America: Oxford published for 175th anniversary

Arcadia Publishing of Charleston, South Carolina, has just released Images of America: Oxford by Erik Blackburn Oliver.  The author undertook the pictorial history project last summer and completed it in five months so that it might be published as a tribute to his hometown in time for the community’s 175th anniversary since founding in 2014.  To read more and order signed copies, click on “Images of America: Oxford” under “Books” listed to the right.  If you reside in Newton County, Georgia or plan to be in the area, email to make arrangements for local pickup in lieu of shipping.

Images of America: Oxford (2014)

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A Personal Kickstarter: “Project 365” (300@$65)

A five-year dream of Oliver’s is to create a fanciful art park in conjunction with a modest and whimsical children’s museum. In order to raise seed funds towards the purchase of the right piece of land (ten acres or so of woodland, field, water) and to also keep creative and strengthen his portfolio in the meantime, he has launched Project 365. In the sense of “Ars Gratia Artis” (Art for the Sake of Art), he will endeavor over time (and not necessarily in 365 days!) to do 300 paintings and sell them at $65 each. There will be 30 series of 10 paintings at a time, each with a different theme. All paintings are originals. By doing ten at a time (and they’re not identical), he can achieve an economy of movement that makes it affordable. Please consider this project when thinking of an original gift for someone (or yourself!), and please spread the word.

To see past series and currently available paintings, click on the “Project 365: Seed Funds for a Dream” link under “Drawings and Paintings” to the right.

Series 9: "Be the Ripple"

Series 9: “Be the Ripple”

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Faerie-Themed Coloring Book Added

In April 2014, Oliver produced FAERIE: The Color of Magic, a 20-page coloring and activity book filled with original drawings of faeries, sprites, brownies, goblins, unicorns, dragons, griffins, and other creatures of fantasy and myth. An annual fairy festival in Newton County, Georgia, was the impetus for production. Oliver’s children suggested the project and contributed drawings for the back cover. Read more and order copies from the corresponding page under “Books” to the right.


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Kid Cavalier on a Halloween Quest available!

Opera Evocata is pleased to announce the release of the first children’s book by Erik Oliver, Kid Cavalier on a Halloween Quest! If you would like to read a synopsis of the story, get a sneak peak at some of the illustrations, and order a copy online, click on Kid Cavalier on a Halloween Quest under “Books” in the menu on the right side of this page.

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